Mach 1 2020 spec  sprint car. ALL NEW CARS COME ASSEMBLED. We have improved the Mach platform for 2020 with new rear geometry and improved roll centers, and added our new sliding rear "pod" that allows quick trackside adjustments to the overall wheelbase while retaining all other geometry intact.  New machined delrin steering bellcranks now allow the car to utilize a full length lipo or a shorty. The car still retains the adjustable front casters and delrin inline spindles. The car comes equipped with full titanium turnbucles, b6 stand up 3 gear transmission, and your choice of small bore customworks mdx shocks, or AE big bore shocks.  Shocks are shipped with assembled car, but need to be assembled by the customer. We understand that different track surfaces require different shock set ups, so we leave that to the customer. Car does not include cage, bodywork, wheels/tires or electronics.All cars have a 2-3 week lead time, as they are assembled to order. 


    1918 Chestnut Dr
    Pleasant Hill, Cass County 64080

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