Colt M1 Latemodel/mwm

Colt M1 builder kit.  The M1 is our new latemodel/mwm, based off of our Mach 1 sprint platform that has been in development since the Chili Bowl.  On this kit we have moved away from the "buggy conversion" platform and on to a more purpose built platform. With the buggy based platform we had to make certain compromises in order to utilize parts from the current crop of donor buggies, which limited what we could do. That coupled with the constant updates and changes having to be made to keep up with new versions of those buggies being released constantly made the change necessary to build the best sprint car we could. No more compromises, we built it the way we wanted it built!!  Many of the features speak for themselves, with the most notable features being on the front of the car.  Machined aluminum adjustable caster blocks, kick up blocks, camber mounts, replaceable droop pads, bellcrank mount, and bellcrank steering assembly. Machined delrin front arms, and front spindles.  The rear of the car has been optimized for better grip and stability with new geometry. The rear includes machined aluminum rear hubs, "c" and "d" blocks, and rear bulkhead. Machined delrin rear adjustable arms, and our new modular transmission mounting system. This will allow the mounting of multiple trans configurations on the same chassis.  This will come only as a "builder kit" that will include all of the parts I make, and a list of recommended parts to complete. **included parts**Chassis front and rear shock towers battery locators, adjustable front caster blocks and spindles, front kick up blocks, front camber mounts, aluminum steering bellcrank system, carbon ackerman ears, front delrin arms, front droop pads, rear adjustable arms, rear aluminum bulkhead , aluminum c and d blocks, aluminum rear hubs, screw kit


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